1. ebertandstroker:

    One of Sean Cody’s best videos to this day is the godly pairing of two perfect specimens of men: Grayson and Pavel. Here are the reasons why this was an immaculate video.

    • Pavel is the big hairy built top, and Pavel is his smooth and solid bottom. If you watch the video, Pavel is much more vocal and his pitch gets higher too. Grayson, as the bottom, has a deeper voice. I love this whole switcheroo of sounds.
    • Pavel, while fucking doggy, really slams hard. And I mean hard. And with spanking too. That’s really fucking hot.
    • The plowhorse. AND THEN THE REVERSE PLOWHORSE. Clearly, Sean Cody was not fucking around for this video. They meant business.
    • Grayson’s money shot was priceless: the sweat glistening on his toned body while he aggressively grunted while he came. That whole moment needed to be a greeting card or something.

    Enjoy, you hormonal homos of Tumblr. Enjoy this beautiful pairing. God bless gay for pay.

    - Ebert

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